Getting Started

Language Service for Master CSS

Enhanced Master CSS development experience, including syntax highlighting, code completion, syntax rule preview, and more.

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The official Master CSS Language Service for Visual Studio Code extension.



Get it now in Visual Studio Marketplace.

Set up your workspace

Create a .vscode/settings.json or set it in user settings.

"editor.quickSuggestions": {
"strings": true

Start using Master CSS

Now your IDE is more professional and readable than ever!

<h1 class="font:40 font:56@sm font:heavy italic m:12x text:center fg:red:hover">
Hello World
Getting Started
Get started with Master CSS

Master CSS allows you to install from package managers, copy and paste from CDNs, and even integrate with frameworks.

Getting Started
Code Linting for Master CSS

An official ESLint plugin for enforcing team coding styles, making your template markup more organized, and catching syntax errors early.

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