Animation Iteration Count

Setting the number of times an animation should be played.


@iteration:valueanimation-iteration-count: value;
@iteration:infiniteanimation-iteration-count: infinite;

Simplify the native syntax using the derived symbol.

<div class="animation-iteration-count:infinite">
<div class="@iteration:infinite">

Basic usage

Loop animation

Play the animation in an infinite loop.

<svg class="@iteration:infinite @rotate|1s|linear"></svg>

Specify N iterations

Specifies the number of times the animation iterates, even decimals.

Hover over the icon to see animation iterations

<svg class="@iteration:2.5:hover @rotate|1s|linear|forwards:hover"></svg>

Conditionally apply

Apply styles based on different states using selectors and applying conditionally.

<div class="@iteration:infinite:hover @iteration:infinite@sm @iteration:infinite@dark @iteration:infinite@print"></div>
Design Token

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